Back Like I Forgot Something!!

Jerry Mouse Like this pesky mouse. Whenever you thought he was done…he’d pop right back up to entertain. So it’s only fitting that the cell I’m channelling is one responsible for all the joy Jerry once brought to us, the beginning of life…the sperm cell! Sperm cells are produced from male germ cells via spermatogenesis … Continue reading

Never a Right Time to Say Goodbye?

Well guys, this is it. We’ve come to the end of our journey for that mythical 10% coursework. Here’s to hoping I’ve done enough to scrape a grade in this. Believe I made a good account of myself, Lord knows I tried! Now after covering topics ranging from the cells to carbohydrates to glycolysis and … Continue reading

ATP: The Energy Currency of the Cell

To close off the educational aspect of this blog, just wanted to drop this video on ATP since we’re on the topic of nucleotides. This details the structure and how exactly it serves to release energy for cell reactions.. Reference: Khan Academy of course.

Nucleotides and Nucleic Acids..

It’s about that time! Reflection of the final topic covered this semester. (And the crowd goes wiildd) Serious business now, this posts concerns the building blocks for the most important unit of life; DNA or deoxyribose nucleic acid. These building blocks are termed nucelotides and consist of three components:- A pentose sugar-ribose (DNA contains deoxyribose … Continue reading

The Precursor: Proteins or DNA?

The Precursor: Proteins or DNA? (CLICK ME) Just a small animation showing the work of Phoebus Levene in that there were 4 nucleotides. Also shows Frederich Miescher’s initial work that led to Levene’s own proposition. Levene believed that due to the possible number of combinations of amino acids, that proteins were a ‘better choice’ to … Continue reading

Oops…Jumped the Gun

So upon glancing through my posts, realized I had basically nothing on the very first topic we covered :$ Think I just started from Carbohydrates which was the topic we were on when all this blog business began. Either that or I didn’t deem it necessary since this was almost all revision fromĀ  A-Level. Shame … Continue reading

Biological Lipids..

Good day bloggers! As we all know, lipids was the penultimate topic covered in class (with the final being nucleotides/nucleic acids). So to reiterate what we should already know *cough*… Lipids are a broad group of compounds all characterized by their insolubility in water while being soluble in non-polar organic solvents such as acetone and … Continue reading

Last Week in Biochemistry..

Well we handed in our final Enzyme lab after receiving an extension. Was a rush to run (walk briskly) to that office before 3:30, only to find out that sir had still given an extension for the following day *sigh*. Doesn’t please you as much when you’re not the one able to take advantage of … Continue reading